“South Island specialists in stairs and balustrades”

Xtreme Joinery

Established: 2013

Location:  Christchurch

Website: http://www.xtremejoinery.co.nz/

Business vision and mission:

To provide the best finish on every single job

After the previous business they worked for had financial troubles, Loz and Bede wanted more control over their own situation and took the biggest risk of their lives by striking out on their own. Both were fortunate to have strong contacts with builders and had established a reputation for excellent results through their hard work and attention to detail. With support from the industry as well as from family and friends, the pair began work as Xtreme Joinery and daily put in hours of overtime to save enough to buy their own materials and balance the initial business set-up costs.
“We treat every single job as if it were for our own home,” says Loz.
Loz and Bede had less than most businesses staring out because they hadn’t been paid for work in their previous job. Relying solely on the generosity of the builders they had relationships with and even their landlord, the pair were offered payment in advance for jobs – virtually unheard of in the industry – just to pay for the materials for the work ahead.

Through careful financial management and by building their existing networks, Loz and Bede have weathered the rough initial years of starting up a business.

“Getting out of this mire we’ve been in had been a really encouraging success,” says Loz. “The work that we’re finding now is also a testament to our guys and their work ethic and their abilities. We’ve stepped outside of our specialty area and the guys have really proved their incredible talent as joiners. We won the job for the Aranui/Wainoni Community Centre for the full joinery, despite the fact that previously we had only done stairs and that was for a full new building. We won it because we were the only company in New Zealand willing to take on the risk of 3 custom decorative concrete moulds 8mx2.6m, 6.5m x 2.6m, 4.9mx2.6m and we pulled it off! It was amazing.”

Loz and Bede have received a number of testimonials in regards to the quality of their work, but one of the most stand-out moments for Loz is the time he turned up with the stairs at one woman’s house and she absolutely hated them! Although she was initially up in arms and in tears, the stairs and subsequent balustrade became her favourite part of the house.
The team at Xtreme Joinery are the contractors to a number of builders and businesses throughout Christchurch, installing stairs, balustrades and completing custom joinery for residential, commercial and industrial premises. Their support brings high quality results that the public see every day.
Loz and Bede sponsor the local cricket team that they play in as well as some of the local rugby teams.

Both believe in helping less fortunate children get a good start in life and now that Xtreme Joinery has passed through the first tentative years of a start-up business, they sponsor the Special Children’s Christmas Party. Next year they also intend to support some of the children’s rugby teams.