“Wakefield Electrical is a locally owned Christchurch electrical contracting company, providing a range of electrical services to clients including supplying and installing heat pumps. We have recently added an online shop for heat pumps to our standard electrical product offering. We did this after recognising the need to make the process of getting a new heat pump easy and understandable to our clients. It also allows them to see our pricing structure so they know they are getting a good and fair deal.”

Wakefield Electrical Ltd

Established: 2013

Location: Christchurch

Website: https://shop.wakefieldelectrical.co.nz/

Business mission: “We strive to provide excellent electrical services and heat pump installs supported by exceptional customer service, use of technology, leaving sites clean and reliable office systems.

Lots of things! With heat pumps we have recognised that the first question people usually ask is “how much will it cost”? So to answer that we have designed an online shop that shows our prices which include a basic installation. Very few other heat pump installation companies in Canterbury do this. The shop also clearly outlines the process that the customer can expect if they purchase a heat pump from us. We are a family-run husband and wife team who own and manage the business and we are full of ideas that we implement as quickly as we can to constantly improve and grow our business. We’re hands on in the business and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.
Prior to setting up this company we had both worked in various jobs and industries. We realised that we have really complimentary skills and that we could take the value we were adding to other businesses, government departments and organisations and put it good synergetic use in our own business. Our aim has been to create a company and a work environment that we would enjoy working in if we were employees.
The biggest challenge initially was time as we started this business while we were having a family. We had late nights paying wages and sending invoices while one of us juggled one or two babies that should have been fast asleep while the other sat at the computer. Finding really good staff continues to be a challenge, as our staff are critical to the success of our business.
One of the biggest challenges has been learning to work “on” the business as well as “in” the business. As we have become busier and needed better systems and processes, we have learnt the value of not just doing the day to day tasks but dedicating a portion of our time each week to working on bigger picture tasks that keep the business moving in the direction that we want it to.
Perserverance is always necessary. Sometimes it’s tempting to take the easy option of working for wages for someone else again, but we keep reminding ourselves that what we are creating here is well worth it and each time we look back to how we have improved things over a couple of years we see the positive progress and we are motivated to keep persevering.
Surviving the first 5 years and still being here to tell the tale 🙂
The really good work that our staff do. It is the essence of our business. When we get testimonials or recommendations from our clients makes our day, and also lets us know that we’re doing a good job according to the people who count.
2 owners, 4 electricians, 1 office assistant
We have fully trained one electrical apprentice and currently have 2 apprentices in training. Our staff have attended heat pump installation and servicing courses, building automation in depth training, audio-visual systems training, security system installation training to name a few.
Please visit our websites to see our testimonials: www.wakefieldelectrical.co.nz/testimonials shop.wakefieldelectrical.co.nz/about-us
A really interesting and varied job. I’ve always got lots more ideas for improvements than time to do everything but that’s the way I like it. Each day I work in customer service, sales, marketing, bookkeeping, IT, HR, business development and plenty else and no two days are the same.
We proudly sponsor the Cashmere Primary Te Pae Kereru PTA twilight fair each year and recently installed new lights for the swimming pool changing rooms at significant discount to the school.
We have been involved with the Cashmere Residents Emergency Response Team (CREST) providing technical advice on options for generator backups for a community centre in an emergency.
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