“Unreal Lawns offers high quality artificial grass, synthetic turf for residential ,commercial and sports use”

Unreal Lawns

Established: 2017

Location: Hamilton

Website: www.unreallawns.co.nz

Business mission: “To be very successful and have a number of satellite branches scattered throughout the North Island that are owned and operated by Unreal Lawns

Unreal Lawns is a stand-alone business that isn’t involved with any franchise that imports it’s own product which allows us to give our customers top quality product and service at a very competitive price
Looking for a new direction and challenge to build an asset to help with retirement.
Buy the right equipment for the business, find suppliers with good product, how to market the business, it took a year to get everything in place as I was still working in full time employment
As we were about to launch the business we lost a major supplier of turf and this was a good learning experience as today we have several suppliers
In the beginning it was hard, as work wasn’t consistent we would have no work or too much work
We are very proud of what we have achieved in the last year from importing our own product, going from a website that was a contact point only to a website that has contents which converts to leads from that we have managed to purchase equipment and our latest purchase has been a small Tip Truck.
That we’ve managed to do well in such a short time
Aidan Rodley Paul and his team constructed a great putting green to revitalise a used area of our backyard. Excellent communication and workmanship. Highly recommended
Unreal Lawns have been involved with Make-A-Wish New Zealand
For being in business for only one year we’ve done extremely well and looking forward to the future and our business growing
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