“We provide the families and residents of Hawkes Bay with an affordable stove repair and replacement service that is unique, reliable and, most of all, affordable.”

The Stove Shop

Established: 1988

Location: Hastings

Website: www.stovepartsnz.co.nz

Over 3 decades of industry and local experience and skill.
Recognised a niche in the market and was disgruntled at the overcharging to consumers that was rife in the market.
Getting our name and business out to the general public and developing lasting relationships within the industry with fellow trades. Relocating our office to the current site and expanding the current site to handle the business demands.
A few years ago, Nelson Street required significant upgrades as well as work to the sewer infrastructure. The road and access to our store was completely inaccessible for several months, cutting off our access to customers and trade partners which provide a large percentage of our work.
Grinding through the hard times, taking advantage of the better times, and constantly keeping current with the industry resulted in our success of over 30 years in business.
We’ve been open for 30 years and the premier shop for domestic stove repair.
The rapport we’ve built with our customers and community over the past 30 years.
We provide on the job training as well as industry training to local electricians and tradies.

We are considered experts on all things stove related.

Melania Ware (Google) – “I had The Stove Shop replace my20-year-old oven and cook top with a 2nd hand ones they had in the shop. Very professional and lovely.”

Heather Melling (Google) – “Old school service for your stove. Great help, they know their stuff “

The satisfaction that we are running a successful business and provide a great and affordable service to all in Hawkes Bay.
We provide several anonymous donations to local and national charities.
We take great pride in the historic downtown Hastings area and regularly contribute time and resources to the upkeep of Hastings – voted NZ’s most beautiful city in 2015.
We support the small business Kiwi heroes in our local area. Over 30 years of professional service has made us realise how important small businesses are to local communities and the nation. When possible, we support these heroes in our community and hope they have 30 years of success as we have.
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