“Compassionate and affordable trauma cleaners operating throughout Canterbury and the South Island”

Sunshine Cleaners

Established: 2016

Location: Christchurch

Regions covered: Canterbury & the South Island

Website: www.sunshinecleaners.co.nz

Business mission: To assist people in need, in traumatic situations at a fair cost.

We are a small family owned and operated business, we work with empathy, respect and integrity and we believe in fair trade. We work with respect and integrity.
My friend’s son committed suicide and she naturally was unable to clean it up her self, she contacted a large company to clean the area. The cost was astronomical nearly $300 an hour and she was left with the trauma of losing her son and in financial difficulties to pay the cleaning bill. I found this to be a kin to financial rape, it’s disgusting taking advantage of people in a time of traumatic need. I believe in fair pay for fair work & fair charges.

I also wanted to give my son a job that suits him with his disabilities and give myself the opportunity to help people in a job with personal satisfaction.

Firstly was the training required, my son Jon has Asperger’s and struggles socially, he loves to clean and is so fastidious. Cleaning seemed the perfect job for him. I had to medically retire from my job. Re training here I come, looking around for appropriate training in the field of helping people in traumatic circumstances through cleaning and to help minimise what I see as financial rape of those in need. We had to go off shore and found an awesome training program on line through Amdecon in USA, Jon and myself sat and studied for months and passed our 3 certificates (Bio Hazard, Hoarder, Meth Decontamination).

My mother passed away and I was left enough money to set up the business with out any debt.
When I was a counsellor many clients I worked with call me Mrs Sun Shine, for many months we struggled deciding on a name my 7 kids put many ideas forward as you can imagine some not that appropriate. after we decided on Sunshine Cleaners I found out about the movie I watched it and loved it, knowing we made the right decision.

I am grateful for some of the wonderful people I have met and have helped with design, van signage, website (Phillipa), Vistaprint business cards and flyers. I had NO idea of this stuff and didn’t know where to start.

Big business have all the cake so to speak, with the insurance companies having their preferred suppliers and they are not prepared to make any changes or even look at other options that will save the companies a fortune and they would be able to lower the cost of insurance cover costs to the people.

I have made a decision that I will take the crumbs and keep working on networking, chipping away at the foundations of the big boys net work. It is working we are getting work and gaining an excellent reputation with maintaining a fair price for our clients and working with integrity.

One particular job comes to mind. We were contracted by the property owner to Meth clean a house, we cleaned the property and we tested it clean with no indication below .64. The property purchaser had contracted a Property Inspection Firm to give the house a full property report this is where they found meth contamination. After we had deemed the property clean, he went back and did another test and he found the property to be still contaminated. Working on behalf of the property owner I have a meeting with the property inspector to discuss his contamination findings. After an in depth discussion it was apparent that the inspector had NO meth test training and demonstrated how to meth test correctly to gain a correct reading, I gave much informed advising and learning to the lad. The building inspector gave the building a clear report, he also went back and told his manager and his manager told the director of my lesson I had given, I received an e mail asking if I would run a training on meth testing and health and safety issues also. All positive for the business they will refer and recommend all gross cleaning our way.

We have cleaned up one of the worst 10% jobs in our industry to allow the family dignity after the passing of their father. The deceased was not found for 6 days in warm weather. We worked efficiently and charged fairly, to ensure the home was ready for the family by the day of the funeral. This has given us a very good reputation within Victim Support working out of the Christchurch Police Office.

We are compassionate, fair, professional, respectful and work with integrity. We are a family business that care for people, we are people working with people. We believe in accountability and fair trade, we have been know to have saved people up to $13,000.00 on a clean. There are so many unscrupulous people working in the cleaning business from massive over charging and not training staff, no using appropriate safety equipment:- that is NOT us. Now the public have a fair choice. 

I like to help people I always have and this business enables me to assist in a times of crisis. I love the opportunity to be personally challenged, every job is unique, also it is allowing me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

I/my business work with Community Watch and volunteer my/our time every month. This assists and educates the community in many areas.

We give FAIR charges for excellent and caring work in times of need we are a 24/7 business and will attend a job immediately as to minimise the amount of trauma families and loved ones have to endure in situations of crisis. We also assist with education to property inspectors, property managers, land agents, teachers, police, officers regarding health and safety of themselves re blood borne pathogens, fungal spores, animal waste, methamphetamine contamination & users.

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