“You need a product that looks great, will last, and is done by a company that supports you and your business.”

Signcraft Kapiti

Established: 2002

Location: Kapiti Coast

Website: www.displaytactix.co.nz

Business mission: Delivering a customers product to the customers expectation and timeframe.

Speed and flexibility. Signcraft Kapiti clients are some of New Zealand’s most successful companies as well as niche companies and individuals. All clients come to us because they want their products to stand out. All jobs are treated with a commitment to design, practicality and service.
I wanted to be responsible for my own decisions and for other people. Seeing a product come to life from the seed of an idea to the shop floor is something that strongly drove the vision.
I found it difficult not being NZ born, you have to work harder to get acknowledged.
Moving from Wellington to Kapiti and retaining existing customer relationships was a difficult challenge.
Financial growth over the 3 – 4 years of 35-40%
It is greatly rewarding to be in a position to employ staff and to provide them with an opportunity to contribute quality products to clients and support their families.

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