Established: 1975

Location: Bulls

Contact Name: Nick Webster


Business mission and vision:
To supply quality reliable products and solutions to all that engage our services

Roadrunner Manufacturing (NZ) Limited, formerly known as Roadrunner Transport Equipment, was established in 1975 and has been providing quality aluminium products to the New Zealand transport industry for over 42 years.

Based in Bulls and operating out of our purpose-built workshop, we provide an extensive range of standard and custom designed aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel products, building a solid reputation for quality and service and making us the preferred supplier to the majority of the national truck and trailer body builders and industry aligned companies including branching into the marine, agricultural and architectural industries

Over the years our product range has grown from manufacturing standard diesel tanks and toolboxes, to a wide range of air brake reservoirs, hydraulic oil tanks, combination tanks, and service vehicle fit outs and custom dog boxes to name a few.
Our well-equipped workshop houses some of the latest manufacturing technology including three CNC Abrasive Waterjet Cutters and a 200-ton 4M CNC press brake. Investing in technology and staying at the forefront of manufacturing processes enables us to offer our clients the highest of quality custom designed products to meet specific application requirements whilst also keeping manufacturing costs down.
Roadrunner is also the exclusive distribution partner in New Zealand for the US Company OMAX Corporation, one of the largest producers of Precision Waterjet Machines. Our sales team are fully trained and offer expert advice and technical knowledge to prospective clients. With over 60 machines currently installed throughout the country, our factory trained waterjet technicians provide superior after sales support and service to our clients.

Our dedication to providing outstanding service and manufacturing our products to the highest standard in quality and workmanship has firmly established Roadrunner as leaders in our industry and ensures the continued success and longevity of the company.

Our ability to manufacture and provide quality solutions, large and small scale to one off needs right here in New Zealand to specific instruction and client confidentiality. We have a highly skilled and dedicated team that have a passion for our company its success which in turn reflects in our success.
As owners of Roadrunner we do not shy from opportunity or hard work. Roadrunner had a fantastic legacy reputation forged from the same beliefs so when the opportunity to take ownership of a company with the values and successes that Roadrunner has we jumped at the opportunity.
Modernisation and visibility have been key. With the implementation of a new website coupled with social media and an external marketing and mentoring company have exposed Roadrunner to a wider audience.
With off shore competition and at home regulation making it increasingly harder to compete on price implementing systems and procedures to avoid confusion within staff roles is allowing each member of the team to take ownership of there tasks and provide 100% dedication to the critical areas of the company. The challenges involved with managing/owning a company never end and we still have a long way to go. As young business owners the first step was to recognise we were spreading ourselves to thin and needed to make time to work on the company with a clear head and direction and not just in it, this is something we are starting to make ground on and seeing positive outcomes from it.
When the treat of of shore competition and sharp rises in costs of doing business started to become an issue for us we decided to really ramp up our service and compete on quality whilst offering the best price we can. We found that many companies preferred to know they were supporting home grown enterprises and preferred the service and quality over a cheaper product that may not have meet their or their customers needs exactly. We found companies related to the same situation and it worked for us. We still have work to do but to bury our head in the sand and hope it goes way whilst blaming regulation or lack of or anyone else will not solve anything.
In business you will always have adversity your ability persevere gives you the strength and skills to ensure it is not a problem.
being appointed New Zealand’s sole distributor for OMAX Abrasive Waterjets to name one
Our ability to do anything and that people cant believe that a company in Bulls has such far reach and does so much.
“Fruehauf NZ have utilized the services of Roadrunner Manufacturing for over 12 years now, and find the team to be a can do business.

Regularly meeting the time frames required, to suit our heavy transport production line, with a quality Roadrunner product always.”

Tony Hodge
Fruehauf NZ Ltd

“Roadrunner Manufacturing has supplied our recent addition of an OMAX Waterjet Cutting Machine.

They made our decision easy with their professional approach and dedication to providing after sales service. Their back up service has been great with spare parts delivered on time, and have been easily contacted throughout the learning process with a new machine.

It is a pleasure to do business with Roadrunner Manufacturing knowing that we will be attended to by a very caring team that notes our needs and over-delivers on expectation.”
Ben Harding
Metal Works Engineering Services Ltd

“Roadrunner have been manufacturing air tanks for Bigfoot for 25 years, they produce what we want when we need it, always to a high standard.

Roadrunner is a very professional company that we really enjoy working with. We like the technical expertise and your commitment to quality, on-time delivery and customer service. They takes very methodical approach to manufacturing our products and delivers top notch solutions that meet or exceed our expectations.”

Graeme Wyle
Bigfoot Equipment Ltd

“As Project Manager, I have been tasked with supervising the build of over 30 Aircraft Fertilizer trucks which have to conform to both the Tank Wagon and Road Transport codes of compliance.

To this end, the Jet A1 5,000L fuel tanks have to conform to the exacting standards of the Tank Wagon code.

Roadrunner Manufacturing were successful with their tender and have so far produced 9 tanks to these exacting standards which include X-Ray weld testing undertaken by an external certifying organisation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Roadrunner Manufacturing as a reliable, high quality manufacturer of aluminium products.”
Mike Foulston
Genica Ltd T/A m-tek consulting

Watching our staff and families succeed in life and being a contributing factor in that as an employer.
Our door is always open if someone has an idea we can help with.
We are not a flashy business. We do what we do and we do it honestly and do it well.
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