Established: 2020

Location: N/A

Contact Name: Jade Gosling


Business mission and vision:
To provide an outstanding level of service to each and every one of our clients. We aim to be the most popular Beauty Salon in Richmond – Tasman within 1.5 years of being in business.

“Beauty Salon – Offering our clients a wide range of beauty treatments.”

The quality of our Beauty Therapists and the level of service we provide. Our salon atmosphere is also a great draw-card according to our clients.
My sister and I have always wanted to go into business together – A beauty salon seemed like the natural choice given she (Kelly) is an internationally qualified beauty therapist and I’ve got a bachelor of commerce majoring in accounting & marketing. We have always completely “got” each other when it comes to business – Unlike most siblings.
COVID-19! …It delayed our opening but definitely not our spirit or drive to succeed. Also raising our capital investment because neither of us had enough savings to get our start-up off the ground, but we persevered and got around it.
COVID-19. We initially were meant to open for business on the 20th of March, which happened to be right in the middle of our nation-wide lock-down. This was a big challenge as we had already offered our employee a contract to start on that day and had all of our stock/plant and equipment scheduled to arrive for the opening, but Covid delayed a lot of the plant etc arriving on time. We had to hit the ground running with paying wages while we weren’t operating and also had to postpone our opening until the 20th of the following month. Once we opened we didn’t have all of our plant and equipment due to Covid-19 delaying freight arrival times. This meant we couldn’t do certain treatments until the correct equipment arrived. Our power, Internet and Phone was also delayed in being set up which hindered initial contact methods and bookings which was frustrating to say the least….but we worked our way through it all with a smile on our faces and an undying drive to succeed….And it’s paying off!
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – We put all of the obstacles mentioned above down to learning curves that have actually pushed us to grow as both a team and business. As our Mum always said “If it’s easy, it’s not worth having.”
Despite opening immediately post-Covid-19 we have managed to establish a great foundation for our client base and have steadily expanded that client base over the past 5-6 months through advertising, referrals and positive word of mouth. This in itself is a great feat considering our country’s current economic state.
How resilient we’ve been through it all. We’ve got an AMAZING team of 3 and we’re our own little “Pure Opulence Family” who soldier on no matter what. The support we offer each other is something I’m very proud of.
On the payroll we have two, but I’m the Co-Owner that isn’t on the books – So including me there’s 3 of us.
We have many different suppliers, a couple of which are Lola Lee NZ, Brow Code, A.R Distributors etc
We are in the process of becoming nail educators which is a fantastic opportunity for both of our therapists.
We have many which are all on our Facebook page at this point. We are in the first month or two of having our Web Genius website so I’m sure we’ll start getting some great reviews on Google soon.
The pride in knowing we’re offering our clients a fantastic service that they enjoy and appreciate. Many of our clients have followed our therapists from their previous jobs and they thoroughly support our dream and vision for our salon…they even feel a part of it which is lovely.
We are in the process of getting in touch with our local Hospice to offer our services to some of their terminally ill patients. Eg: Manicures.
We like supporting other local businesses, whether it be teaming up to do promotions together that are mutually beneficial or even just spreading the word to support local businesses, particularly those on the same street as us.
We absolutely love our new website & would like to thank your team again for all of the help and support in getting it up and running! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition.
Thanks for your vote.