Established: 2018

Location: Dunedin

Contact Name: Rachel McGregor


Business mission and vision:
“To provide a service that excites passengers and showcases the maritime industry as well as the wildlife in the area. We would like to eventually have a small fleet of vessels and operate a variety of good quality and affordable harbour cruises. “

“We operate a vessel on Otago Harbour taking passengers for wildlife cruises and we also run a harbour ferry service for people and bicycles”

We operate small group tours which are really personal. We are wildlife experts and we focus on other aspects of the harbour too, such as the maritime industry and history. Different to the others that just pass by these things.
I have a passion for commercial boating and also for marine wildlife. I am a busy person and need to be kept challenged and focused. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for my skills and knowledge.
Having to learn all the behind the scenes stuff like accounting, managing staff, marketing, regulations, and starting the business from scratch.
There were many personal obstacles. I was working in a full time job for the port company as well as working as a skipper on my boat on my days off. It was a challenge trying to find time for all the paperwork and set up. I also have a young child which was a juggle trying to manage everything all at once.
It’s very easy to give up early on, which I think just means you don’t want it enough. It has taken a lot of perseverance to get through all the hoops we have and to keep coming up with new ideas to keep things exciting for people to return to us.
Getting the thing off the ground and getting stronger and bigger with plenty of bookings even in the down season!
How people have adopted us as part of the harbour, so quickly. They call it ‘doing the Port To Port’! And how we can support so many other businesses and link the communities so seamlessly.
Iconic Tours, Headfirst, Go Bus, Otago Peninsula Museum
Opportunities to train with us as crew and skippers. Some of the boatshed staff have showed interest in being guides so we use than as guides when we can.
We have flawless reviews on Trip Advisor, facebook and Google business.
Being in a beautiful exciting place all the time. Working on the harbour is fantastic, we hang out with people who are on holiday and we all have a great time.
We often give prizes as donations for raffles and to support the local community, such as preschools, school, support groups etc
By encouraging people to visit the shops and attractions nearby. And organising events to showcase these businesses.
We are a new business with a big focus on our passengers. We love the small company feel we have and our passengers appreciate being treated as individuals. We can better attend to their needs and wants when we can see and talk to them personally on our cruises. Thats something that won’t change no matter how big we get.
Thanks for your vote.