“Delivering landscaping, property maintenance and renovation services on the Kapiti Coast”

NZ Proud Property Maintenance

Established: 2016

Location: Kapiti Coast

Website: www.nzproud.nz

Business missionFrom lawns to landscaping, repairs to renovations and all on-going maintenance, WE TAKE PRIDE IN IT ALL

We have very little competition that has a similar business model. Because we can offer an “all in one” property service it gives our clients the opportunity to use one company for all their property needs. This creates long term, positive client relationships and reassurance that you are dealing with a company with a wide range of experience. From our own employed, qualified/licensed staff covering carpentry, landscaping and general maintenance to our strong working relationships with our sub trades including plumbers, electricians, excavators, concrete placers, painter, plasters, pest control and more we have a strong service portfolio with a large client base and testimonials to create confidence for all our clients.

The decision to start this business is based on a number of factors.

I firstly spent time analyzing the market place and noticed a gap in the market for an “all in one” service and with my extensive experience in construction, business development, account management and general management I could create a business model that included a process for hiring and progressing quality staff, systems to execute a customer centric service with strong communication as well as long term goals and planning to grow the business in a manor to maintain a increasing work load while continuing to execute excellence in our service sector.

I also wanted to be able to offer a working environment for tradies that was positive, had a strong culture of support and provided opportunities to up-skill and promote so to retain staff. Too long had I worked for money hungry business owners and wanted to create an establishment where the focus was people and passion first.

I am driven by success, not just individually but for those that work with us including all our sub trades. I truly wanted to create a business that had success not only in financial growth but in seeing other businesses and our own employees flourish within their working environment and above all enjoy our working day, every day.

The key challenge firstly was establishing a solid platform with our business plan. It was incredibly important to me personally to have an air tight business plan, profit and loss forecast and adaptable goals for the first and second year of business. I spent a long time preparing this and it really determined when and how we would start and when and how we would grow. That had to be equally measure by the assumed work flow which was also difficult but also be adaptable should the work flow change, which it did.

The other challenge was to ensure we hired the right people at the right time as well as grouping individuals into building teams that were going to be cohesive. We have been incredibly lucky there but also had the foundation of our plan to prove it was intentional.

Obviously the other hurdle was ensuring we had the right financial resource to get off the ground and grow. Our developed profit and loss forecast really helped with that as we haven’t had to gain financial support.

The main perseverance for us was to continue to be able to offer the scope of work we do with the resources we have. We had to overcome some challenging jobs that some staff found harder than others but with our supportive resources of myself and my experience and the diversity in experience of the team we have managed to take on large variation of work and still execute high levels of workmanship. Persevering with continually taking on the diverse portfolio of services we have provided has increased our client base dramatically, up-skilled our staff and really proven our internal systems are well established.

We have had one year in business this August 2017. I started the business on my own in August 2016, hired my first part time labourer in October 2016, then my first qualified Carpenter in January 2017. From there we added another Carpenter and Apprentice in February, another Carpenter, Landscaper and two more apprentices in April and have since increased our turnover from $10k per month in August 2016 to around $120k-$140k per month now. We also now have established offices in Paraparaumu, 6 vehicles and are adding a 4th Carpenter to the team and 5th Apprentice this month.

I would so what makes me the most proud is being able to instil some real life company values with all the staff we have employed and see them be sincerely passionate to execute those values. I am so incredibly proud of the team we have established and the pride they take in their work.

We sponsor the Kapiti College Rugby program and individually sponsor the Kapiti College 1st XV. We have also made donations to a number of other enterprises.

We work with Kapiti Coast District Council managing their sports and recreation maintenance and at times are needed desperately to make areas safe for the general public. We also manage work order maintenance work for a large number of property management companies who are really struggling to get trades people to complete small and large jobs at their rental properties. We have a dedicated employee managing these work orders for a fast turn around to keep rental properties clean, safe and more enjoyable to live in.

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