Established: 2013

Location: Auckland

Contact Name: Tony Trotter


Business mission and vision:
Our business mission and vision is to create a business that’s trustworthy and has a great name and values we standby and guarantee everything we do no exceptions.

We provide top quality Glass Splashbacks painted or printed as well as Frameless Glass Showers and Customized Mirrors within the Auckland region.

Our passion and honesty your not just an invoice to us.
starting a business from scratch is tough! we had no customer base nor experience of the industry is a big ask of anyone, but we did it were standing on our own to feet now and thanks to the team at web genius were growing at a steady pace.
At the begging of this year i had an accident that resulted in me loosing my memory for a good 4 months then having what they liked to call a 2 minute memory for another few months that made things a tad tricky but luckily the small but talented and dedicated team we have got us through till now. 🙂
Every month was a significant challenge for us we only just scraped through on crumbs financially mentally and physically but we’ve got such a great team and attitude its incredible what you can do with a bit of positive thought.
Thanks for your vote.