Established: 2017

Location: Christchurch

Contact Name: Chris Lang


Business mission and vision:
“We do not intend to be the biggest or most awarded company operating in our chosen sectors.

We want to be known and remembered for the quality of our finished product, and the ease of how we got there for our Clients, a process we refer to as being Truly, Client Focused.“


“Light Commercial Construction, Structural Strengthening, Interior Refurbishment and Fit Outs”

Because we are in business to deliver our Clients their initial vision, or as close to as we can by employing all means at our disposal. We are not in business to take a big wage
To be able to do things our way, for the benefit of our Clients.
Confidence in our abilities. Getting a sufficient client base to generate turnover. Establishing an identity that set us apart from others in our chosen markets
The first few months when finding was tight, and we had been lucky enough to secure two large jobs that required us to grow from three people to seventeen and support a turnover of 400k a month. We always paid either on the last day of the month, or at the latest the 2nd of the month following, we had a lot of goodwill from the subs we were using.
Perseverance for us has meant doggedly chasing all the little leads, undertaking the small menial jobs to prove ourselves for the bigger jobs and making sure we never loose sight of the fact that we are doing this for our Clients.
Being on year 3 of our business plan after only 18 months in business.
The repeat business we have secured as a result of our way of doing things.
We use subcontractors for all our trades except concrete and carpentry, and have a small pool that have been with us since I first came to NZ in 2003.
Our employees are able to submit a request for any training that they see will benefit the business.
We have provided training on passive fire installation, working at heights, site safe construction first aid, and we are currently planning a series of seminars that are designed to upskill our staff on contract administration.
Informally we have been refereed to as


“my island of calm in a sea of problems”

“incredibly easy to deal with”

“everyone likes working with you”


We do not collect review or testimonials as such. We have a significant number of clients that provide references when we are completing expressions of interests for projects. We can provide a list of referees.

Work Life Balance

The chance to work in an industry that we enjoy and to do it our way

We work closely with the Salvation Army and where possible any useful items from defits we can salvage are offered to them for use or sale in their stores.


I climbed into the boxing ring last year to raise funds and awareness for their drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme, raising $900.


I offer my commercial services pro bono for charitable organisations that may need them.

On our out of town work we tender to local sub trades to ensure the money spent stays within the community.
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