Established: 2014

Location: N/A

Contact Name: Jess Macreadie


Business mission and vision:
Macraedie Builders aim to provide customers with the highest quality of service and product for our customers who choose to renovate or build with us.
Our vision is to be recognised as a company who prides themselves on delivering beautiful custom homes for Auckland leaving customers satisfied with the build process and the end result.

“Macreadie builders specializes in custom home renovations and new builds.”

We believe what sets us apart is our importance we take in each step of our build. We ensure our staff are trained a highly competent to undertake the work and ensure details are not missed.
We also see the importance in creating relationships with clients to ensure their build or renovation is completed to the entirety of their expectations so we ensure we take time to meet with clients weekly and ensure they are aware of each step of the process.
Joel is a talented builder from Rotorua that has a passion to be creative with custom designs on homes and renovations with high quality materials. His ambition was to create a company that reflected his passion for building in quality custom architectural homes and he loves the challenge.
The biggest challenge at the beginning was sourcing the work. When you are a new builder, with no reviews or reputation, allowing people to trust you on projects compared to other established building companies was hard. Joel was realistic with this and begun with any work he could take over the two years, until word of mouth took control and the jobs became significantly bigger.

As a builder another challenge was the paperwork side of the business, including quoting, invoicing. Joel sought advice from multiple areas until he felt confident to find what worked best for him. This of course meant very long weeks as he would be on site all day and come home to complete the necessary paperwork.

Covid 19 has been a huge challenge for us as a small sized business during the lock down. We had two contracts fall through when Covid arrived in New Zealand due to the families jobs being cut hours. These two contracts were another year of work for us so when we were in lock down and trying to source work, it was a huge struggle as everyone was not seeking for builders whilst all was so unknown. We continued our networking with other sub trades to source work and re stratergise our business for the next coming years to be able to survive. I also continued to advertise and give tips out on community pages to keep our name visible in the market.

A network that was created by ourselves and our plumber called the build collective really played a huge role in keeping us on our feet. They had the opportunity to price a government tender and recommended us to the company. Joel priced this and managed to secure the work for our team. Although the job was an hour and a half drive for our team everyday, it was secured work for the next three months building a fire station. This was also stable as it was funded by government and helped us through the winter months also.

The biggest thing Joel and I have done since running the company is take every lesson you can and ensure you learn from it, whether that be a tough lesson to learn or a good lesson there is always something to take from it and I think that has been really important towards the success of our business.

Joel is good at reflecting on every situation and analyzing what could be done better or what should have been done. With this attitude, I feel we are constantly seeking change for the better which is a necessary in small businesses of having to adapt to the times.

Our business success to date is in the work we have been achieving to complete in the last two years. We have been able to work alongside some amazing architects and interior designers that have shared a wealth of experience and knowledge with us to better ourselves in this industry.
We are most proud of the team we have working for us. We have recently been reflecting on their talent and commitment to their jobs and without them, our jobs would not achieve the highest quality that we see.
Multiple contractors including, plumbing, electrical, earthworks, tiling, painting, plastering, scaffolding,
Anyone who is employed with us is able to progress further in their career with the direction they choose to take and we hold one on ones every three months to ensure they are setting goals and achieving them. As an employer we want to ensure they are continually growing and have the opportunities that we can make available for them.
For example, a foreman is interested in undertaking Project Management course through BCITO and this is a huge benefit to up skilling himself. We have paid for this training course as the opportunities is big for both of us.
We also previously payed for apprenticeships for our apprentices (before the government made these free as of July 2020) so that we encourage our team to become competent and qualified builders and we ensure our foreman are capable of training these employees on the job and supporting them on the paperwork side also.
Joel and I have a strong passion for ensuring our builders are highly skilled and so if they ever did want to start their own company or work for someone else, they were highly competent and able to do so. We think there is a big stigma in the industry around cow boy builders and there are those who ruin it for our industry and scare people off building and it is important to show builders, their talents and skills are highly crucial in our economy and this is a highly regarded skill to have so we really think that as a building company, we ensure our builders work to a high standard to debunk the theory that all builders are cowboys and that building is not a highly regarded and qualified job.
This was the first renovation my husband and I have done using professional builders. Yes I said professional builders.
Macreadie Builders did such an amazing job right from the word go – from communications, suggestions around little things, suggestions around big things!!! They are extremely solutions orientated – when doing our bathroom upstairs, before installing our very heavy marble bath, the uncovered that the floor would need to be reinforced in order to hold the weight of this full bath with a person in it!!! They came up with an option to fix it, making it safe (and meaning we got to keep our beautiful bath!) and it was just no problem and was very reasonably priced to remediate! We were so happy and thought – I bet other builders may have just plonked the bath in with out even worrying, but Joel and the team just got it sorted! The home is beautiful, but check out our beautiful ensuite (with beautiful marble bath!!!). If you want a team that are easy to work with, who have beautiful workmanship and just gets things done…Macreadie Builders are the team for you! – Kim Growden
Joel and Dave and the rest of the team at Macreadie Builders are my “go to” building team for my client projects. They provide an excellent end to end building service, including managing the sub trades. They are highly professional with great communication.
I highly recommend them. -Nicola Manning I highly recommend Macreadie Builders for any building project. Joel and his team have been amazing in my build. They have produced an absolutely stunning property for me and my family. Nothing was ever a problem for them, their communication was exceptional on every element and they delivered the house way ahead of schedule.
As a single, full time working mother of 2, they made the whole process a breeze even though it was quite a difficult and involved project. I would recommend Joel and his team to anyone looking to renovate or build, you won’t find better – Leanne Chawla
Macreadie Builders are high-end and reliable building service providers. We have worked with Macreadie Builders on a number of projects and have found them professional, clear and easy to work with. The team are a great bunch with a wealth of building knowledge between them. Every site we visit, the team are always enthusiastic about the project and aim to ensure all aspects of the build are looked after and carried out with exceptional attention to detail from beginning to end. We highly recommend Macreadie Builders to fellow trade professionals and potential prospect clients. – Rowan, Campbell Plumbing
The benefit for us is creating opportunities for our team to build some amazing builds and giving them work where we are able to show off their talents as our builders are highly skilled. We also see ourselves as a training provider and being able to offer high quality education for apprentices is really important and a huge benefit for us as we are a big influence in shaping the future builders which is amazing we think.

We hope for flexibility later in lifetime, but also like to keep busy so this would be a benefit it we did want to take that flexibility, we could

We have previously worked for a local playgroup to assist with building a new deck etc on our own time to assist with the families locally.
Our business, hires many contractors who work with us locally in the community. Our contractors are from everything needed for the builds from earthworks to door handles and all of this work gets tendered out to give other local businesses business. We see ourselves as an important part where a lot of contractors rely on us for consistent work. We also provide training opportunities to our builders which we think is a big responsibility and do not take it lightly.
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