Established: 2010

Location: Christchurch

Contact Name: Blair Williamson


Business mission and vision:

“We have the goal to introduce new people into structured exercise in a friendly manner, and offer them a long-term sustainable option to help them gain the wonderful benefits of ongoing exercise.


“We are a private gym and we create a professional, friendly environment for people to get involved in safe, effective exercise.”

We are smaller, more private and have a huge focus on creating a community, personal connection with everyone. We also aim to provide the best possible long-term results for your goals. Our location is also a great point of difference.
I like to have the control to innovate and make changes and play around with different ideas as they arise. Our motto is to try and fail but don’t fail to try. I also love seeing the results of this business over time, financially but more so the effect we have had on peoples lives.
Business has always been a challenge since day 1 but I’ve been very fortunate to have the support of my family and friends that have done more than they probably even know to help me get where I am. Employment concerns would be amongst the toughest challenges I’ve ever had to date.
When I was sent an unjust personal grievance claim against myself and my business. I stuck true to my values and worked hard (really hard) studying employment law to prove that I was correct in my processes. This claim could’ve been the end of my business, but I knew that hard work, works and that has been the essence of how I’ve approached everything I’ve done since I started Limit Zero.
Without perseverance you will never get to see how daily tasks that you do add up to great things over many months and years. Overcoming adversity makes you understand why you’re in business and where you’re going much easier.
Our revenue has grown year on year since we started, we have employed about 9 different people over that time with 3 current employees at the moment. Most importantly however we have helped 100’s of people become fitter, stronger, healthier and understand that importance of long-term exercise.
That last part above. Knowing that we’ve helped people make sustainable change that has left them with a greater quality of life.
We take in personal trainer contractors to fill some gaps now and then.
We take our personal trainers to conferences at least once per year. We offer them paid chances to attend other gyms, studios, locally and/or around NZ and the world to learn what other gyms are doing. We put a certain amount of money into courses that they want to learn more in related to the fitness industry each year as well.
We have 62, 5-star Google reviews from satisfied clients, we have plenty of Facebook reviews and we have recorded videos of many clients over the years.
Control of my schedule, control of how the business is run on a day to day basis. Control of how things operate and the satisfaction of knowing that people benefit off the service and offerings you provide.
We run an annual 24-hour circuit for the Cancer Society, which is open to the public. We have done every year since 2011, having now raised over $25,000 in total for Cancer. We also sponsor many different high school sports people for tournaments, etc.
As a business we run a initiative we call the ‘Community of Giving’. Every time a member comes to the gym they sign in and get to vote on a charity of their choice. There are normally a range of 3 – 5 different options set for them. The charity that gets the most votes throughout the month then gets a $250 donation from Limit Zero. The idea being that the more someone comes to the gym the more they can have an impact on the charity of their choice. It also provides Limit Zero to be able to give back to a huge number of charities. We have run this since January 2018, having now provided 20 different donations to 20 different charities.
Thanks for your vote.