Established: 1993

Location: Wellington

Contact Name: Olivia Amoah


Business mission and vision:

“We pride ourselves on offering affordable good quality jewellery. We are here to hellp our customers find the perfect piece, whether it is for themselves, or for a gift. Our vision is to continue to build on what we already have, to grow our business and to become more well known nationwide.


We are a Jewellery store specializing in Sterling Silver and Semi Precious stones.
We have the biggest collection on New Zealand Pounamu in the country!

I think it is our attention to detail, and going the extra mile for our customers, whether  it is the beautiful free packaging and gift wrapping, our stunning displays, or giveaways and cookies at Christmas, we aim to give everyone not only the best jewellery we can source, but the best experience shopping for it as well
We were first runners up in our category in Wellingtons Top shop in 2001
When I was a teenager, my parents encouraged me to follow my dreams and be proud of what I wanted to achieve, they helped me to be able to start a small business called Hallelujah Jewellery, I loved being able to create something that was my own, and when my Mother Joan came into business with me, i had the perfect person to share my vision and Lazule was born! We couldn’t be happier being in business together.
I think that we were lucky in many ways,  to have the Wakefield Market as a platform to start off, it was a huge advantage. It was a hive of activity, and the place to go at that time, so we were able to establish ourselves, without having to setup solely on our own. When the time was right, we were able to open our shop on Ghuznee st with a little experience, and knowing what our clients wanted.
I can think of 2 things the first being my  son having cancer. His treatment spanned over 7 years, and was predominantly out of Wellington. This was where the partnership I I have with my Mum was so amazing, she took the reigns, and we are very lucky to have wonderful staff. It was a rough time, but we made it work.

Another challenge was after the big quake in Wellington. It really was difficult for retailers as people were too nervous to come into the city, and all the local parking buildings were closed, also a lot of businesses were closed due to unsafe buildings, so town was dead. The christmas following the earthquake was very quiet, it was disappointing, but over time things started to pick up again.

This highlighted how important the website is for us.

As mentioned above, we have had times that have been tough, for varied reasons, but our relationship is strong, and as both Mother and Daughter, and Business partners, we are able to encourage and support each other to carry on and thrive in our Shop.

Over the years, we have built up great relationships with regular customers, that continue to support us.

I think that being here for 26years is a huge achievement! We have grown, and provided income not just for us, but for dozens of staff over the years. This is a success for us.
Being in business for so long, I feel that we are an important part of Cuba street, and we add value to peoples lives. I am proud that we contribute to our customers lives i so many lovely ways. We are there to help find the perfect wedding jewellery, or 21st gift, we are brightening so many people’s birthday’s , anniversaries and Christmases., and we love that!
Currently there is myself and Joan, our manager, who is full time, and 3 part timers
We have so many customers telling us wonderful stories of how special their purchases have been, and have had seen beautiful photos of jewellery on Wedding days, and we constantly have customers telling us about their favourite pieces of jewellery they have bought from us over the years.

I love that I have not had to sacrifice being a hands on parent for my business, I love that we can enjoy good breaks after the christmas rush, and I love having amazing jewellery!

Over the years we have donated to many charities and auctions for fundraising in the community. The most recent being just this month, we donated a beautiful Stow locket to Cure Kids to auction off at their fundraising Gala, we have also been monthly sponsors for both ChildFund and The Dream Chaser Foundation for many years.
As mentioned above, and also donating financially to charities such as The Special Children’s Christmas party, and collecting for Child Cancer Foundation. I also did face painting outside our shop during CubaDupa for Child Cancer Foundation
I’m very proud of the shop my Mother and I have worked hard in for over 26years, it is not just a job, it is our lives, and we love it.
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