Established: 2017

Location: N/A

Contact Name: Jacob Hawkins


Business mission and vision:
Quality results for less. I personally strive to continue and do this for many years to come. Eventually making my way up the ladder of the film industry.

“Offers Photography and Videography services to people and/or companies around the Wellington region.”

Reasonably priced and affordable for people who cannot fork out an awful lot on personal photos, especially families and special occasions.
I’ve been into filming and photographing since I was 10 years old and always knew I wanted to into the world where I man used cameras. After taking a few offers up I knew I could turn this into a full time job at 21, and here I am!
Building up a client base and standing out from the crowd. Wellington has a very large crowd of similar individuals and companies who offer the same services.
Online presence is a big thing, people are constantly hunting for photographers and videographers. I take initiative and contact people personally instead of them coming to me, like most other people do from what I’ve seen online.
Obviously, for every business worldwide, COVID-19 was a big hit. April was the month I was meant to leave my full time retail job to pursue photo/video full time, even booking shoots for the month ahead. Unfortunately I had to hold off on this idea for another 3 months. But, I persevered and by July I bit the bullet and followed up on the cancelled shoots, and new clients, successfully re-booking and got the full time photo/video boat to start sailing smoothly.
Being able to turn this from a ‘side hustle’ and into a full time job is personally my biggest achievement.
The fact that I’m doing what I love and earning money from it makes me proud. A few years ago I never would have dreamed to be constantly on my toes shooting and editing, job after job.
I contract assistant shooters on occasion for events that require more than one shooter such as school balls and weddings.
I haven’t taught anybody, but myself. I am self taught, thanks to Google and YouTube! Plus a passion for technology I was open to fiddling with cameras and equipment and figuring out the bells and whistles
People love my personality and how comfortable I make them feel in front of the camera or at an event. I don’t hide in the corner and keep to myself, I chat to people and interact where necessary. Having a laugh and smiling always helps!
I get to meet new people with like minded passions and business drives. As well as a number of different shooting opportunities for different companies, groups and people.
I have “donated” my services a number of times for families to get free photoshoots. Most recently for a family, whose father was dying of cancer and was very terminal. I went over to their place and took photos of the 5 of them in their backyard, they’re very special moments they want to cherish forever.
I am currently contracting with local individuals such as real estates and also schools with their online social media content, helping them get back on their feet after the difficulties we have had during 2020.
I’m a 21 year old climbing a ladder and I’m not looking back, only up from here 🙂
Thanks for your vote.