Established: 2017

Location: Porirua

Contact Name: Neridee Kerrison

Website: N/A

Business mission and vision:
To provide customized solutions for the Civil, Industrial, Marine, Agriculture and Architectural sectors

“To design and fabricate products out of plastics. Specializing in custom work. in different markets.”

Being able to provide a solution, mostly as a one off design. Onsite fabrication and in-house engineers. Thinking outside the box, and being innovative.
My Father in law owns the company, I was originally employed part time to help on the agriculture side being a farmer, but stepped into a full time role and working throughout all of our categories.
Getting to know the market and what our customers wanted and needed seen we where totally new to these markets. A big one is teaching people that the material we use is sustainable. plastic gets a bad wrap and in a lot of cases rightly so but knowing the difference between materials and how they are used has been a challenge.
This is an ongoing challenge but I like to think we are making steps to overcoming it all the time. in our agriculture range we are designing products that NZ needs in relation to animal welfare and hygiene but getting farmers to see the benefits is a challenge. especially from a company that is new and products that they have never seen before.
You get a lot of knock backs! perseverance is key. You need to not let the negative get to you and look at what went right not matter how big or small a thing is and take it as a win or if something went wrong what can you change. Learn from it. looking at the big picture helps me.
There’s a few that come to mind…Becoming a finalist for the rural innovation award is a biggie. But over all its seeing the finished product leave the factory and knowing we did that. Also when I am talking to someone and they recognise our name or have seen our products.
I love seeing an idea come to life, and the process it goes through before it leaves and then hearing good things from our customer. Also when a customer refers you on to someone else, its a great feeling.
That’s something we want to work on adding to our facebook page and website but I follow up with customers and see how they are getting on especially if its a custom job I want to make sure they are happy and there product is fit for purpose.
We have a special needs cleaner for the office and supplied giveaways to a country school for a triathlon the kids where organising for charity. Plus we have sponsored dog kennels to a lady who trains dogs.
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