Established: 2009

Location: Auckland

Contact Name: Daniel Glynn


Business mission and vision:
To provide every client with great advice and service regardless of who they are to help them reach their financial goals and objectives

“We provide great advice and service to help our clients grow their wealth and protect their families and businesses.”

We provide a full financial advice service with an experienced and qualified adviser
I was sick of working for Corporate companies who were only concerned for their shareholders and employed staff who were only focused on their bosses
I had to drop from a six figure income to living initially off around $30,000 per annum with three small children. Just surviving each month was a major achievement.
Growing the business was a major challenge and we realised that I was going to need help to do so. My wife quit her job and we employed an adviser support person all in one go, with the faith that we were going to bring in enough revenue to pay everyone. This was a brave decision and there were some scary moments, but one which we do not regret.
Building a client base from zero is a major undertaking and managing the monthly cash flow was initially very difficult. In our game, we have claw-backs if clients cancel policies or pay back mortgages, so some of the ‘big hits’ to our cash low and to my psyche was hard. We did an awful lot of hard work getting a client over the line with the banks and insurance companies, to see them simply cancel and not trust our advice was hard psychologically. I had to dig deep and question over and over why I was doing what I did. At the end of the day, the amount of good we were doing and the value that most of our clients saw in our advice, out weighted the few disappointments that we initially experienced.
We now run a very successful small boutique financial services advice business on the North Shore of Auckland, with clients all over New Zealand. We have helped our clients increase their wealth by buying properties, business and making solid investments, as well as protecting their families and businesses from life’s inevitable perils. Our clients are our success!
The advice that we give is tailored and bespoke to every client we engage. There is nothing ‘vanilla’ about what we do, and we take our time to research and explore what we consider are the best products and services to help the client achieve their goals. We believe in giving ‘Great Advice Every-time!”
Three people; one financial adviser and two administrative support people
We are all fully training in the latest procedures and requirements to run a financial services firm. This includes things alike the AML/CFT Act and other compliance requirements. Our Adviser Support Manager is now ready to branch out as a Mortgage Broker in her own right, so we are excited about that!
We have a number of positive comments but the most important thing is that our clients stay with us and keep returning to us for advice. Our growth has been mainly on the back of positive recommendations from our clients, for which we are extremely humbled and grateful!
We both love the flexibility that being our own boss brings, and this especially fits in now with a family of three teenagers! One of us can always make the time to be there for the school play or stand on the sidelines of the rugby or be ‘umpire’ at cricket. We also enjoy the fact that we are masters of our own destiny and can utlise our skills mastered in the corporate world to actively steer our our business in the direction we want. it is exciting to see it grow and grow with our clients.
We have sponsored our local football club and I am actively engaged with the lads rugby and cricket clubs, often getting roped into coaching! We help out at the children’s schools and at our local Church.
We often meet with people who need financial help, be it with budgeting or setting goals and direction. Often there is little financial gain for the business, but we feel that we can utlise our expertise in a way that makes a positive impact for all people in our community.
We are a small business, but in the lives of our clients we have a large impact. I am not sure what the public think financial advisers do, but if it includes sitting with and counselling widows who have lost husbands, or commiserating with someone who has recently lost their job or whose business has gone bust, or filling our screeds of paperwork to help someone get a claim in because they have cancer, then they might just about be correct!
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