“The best computer repairs and installs from Wellington to Wanganui”

Gentle PC

Established: 2010

Location: Wellington

Regions covered: Greater Wellington region

Website: https://www.gentlepc.co.nz/

Business mission: To offer quality repairs and put the customer first with our friendly gentle approach.

Established six years ago, Gentle PC had a mission to offer honest, friendly, and helpful PC repairs in Wellington.

Owner Kaeli Bunt had been building PC’s since she was 16, and after a successful business career qualified as a Network Technician with the goal of running her own PC repair and install company.

The name Gentle PC came after Kaeli fixed a friend’s PC and she commented she had been a gentle technician. The comment became the defining name for the business.

Kaeli has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS); an inherited condition that has left her in pain and often a wheelchair is required to get around. That meant that starting out, she couldn’t go to her clients – they had to come to her.

However she persevered and targeted home users, who enjoyed the quality of her work and the way she treated them: with generosity, openness, and plain simple English.

Kaeli’s approach is that the people are most important. She and her technicians listen to their problem and explain things in ways they understand.

And their honesty and friendliness has won them repeat business and referrals.

As Kaeli says it’s a struggle “getting up and going to work every day when I am in a lot of pain’.

But she had determination and a positive attitude. So she worked to give people such great service and help that they considered worthwhile taking their PCs in to her, and it worked.

The business grew, and when an operation in 2013 gave her more mobility she started targeting business customers and employed extra technicians.

Gentle PC’s name says it all – they get the job done with as little stress as possible to the customer.

Kaeli makes sure that the best solutions are found for the customer’s needs – something that often saves the customer money.

Here’s what a couple of customers have said lately:

“Fantastic service from Gentle PC. Try them yourself next time your PC is on the blink.” – T Anderson

Gentle PC really know their stuff, as someone that is computer illiterate I really appreciate how helpful and understanding they are. I was impressed by the high skill set they offered in addition to their variety of services.” – B Munro

“Mum, holy batman, my computer is so good! I can play this and that now..
I can do this.. look Mum how good it plays this now… lol. On and on her
happiness went. Thank You!!”

Coming from a business background Kaeli knows that when businesses in her community flourish, everyone benefits. So she helps them flourish by being gentle on them and meeting their needs as affordably as possible.
Kaeli quietly refurbishes old PCs and gives them away to people in her community. Many solo parents and retirees have Gentle PC and Kaeli’s warm heart to thank for their PCs.