“Professional Manawatu tyre repair service and tyre sales for all makes and models”

Elmo’s Tyre Service

Established: 2013

Location: Manawatu

Regions covered: Manawatu & Rangitikei

Website: www.elmostyreservice.co.nz

Business missionTo provide the best service possible with minimum delay for the customer.

Our service and flexibility to adapt to our customers needs. We offer fast and safe puncture repair and can usually repair your tyre on the spot. Our experienced mechanic can also carry out wheel alignment if you have new tyres fitted or you are concerned about how your vehicle is running. If you own a farm take advantage of our on site repair service.
Contracted cancer and was made redundant twice within 6 months and wanted to utilise over 27 years experience working in the tyre business and provide great customer service to a wide range of customers in the Manuwatu region.
Battling bowel cancer and trying to set up the business at the same time, trying to establish a customer network that are repeat customers, also trying to lure away customer away from other competitors while still retaining your existing customers.
One of the big tyre companies in New Zealand had a tyre supplier close my account with them due to quoting tyre prices against the tyre company and trying to tell me what price I should be selling their product for, with ended up with me going to the Commerce Commission over price fixing and anti competition practices. My account had to be reopened but the tyre supplier changed my discount structure in the end, so I no longer use or promote this suppliers brands of tyres.
This means I now have a excellent customer base that helps me to retain customers and to allowed me to remain in business while other try and fail with there business.
So far we have grown the business every year to the point where have to now look for a workshop, staff and perhaps other company fleet vehicle may have to be added to the business.

Pride of seeing my customers vehicles on the road due to my help. Getting to know a variety of different customers and working on some interesting machinery and travelling to some amazing locations out my region.

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