“Building Contractors”

Craig Ryan Builders Ltd

Established: 2006

Location: Hamilton

Website: www.craigryanbuilders.co.nz

Business mission: “Provide high-quality building and construction solutions”

Responsive to needs. Experienced and Accommodation. Integrity and Honesty
None at this stage. Hope to win this one though!
It was always Craig’s desire to own his own company and get control over what he did and why.
Coming off the back of the GFC where work was patchy and sometimes difficult to predict, we managed to establish our business on the back of contacts and networking, and by working hard to build long term relationships.
Growing in size and nearly doubling our workforce was a real challenge. Everything got much more intensified and the need to get continuity of work and to develop and manage the team became much more demanding.
Craig and Rose have two young children to bring up and Craig suffered a back injury which also had an impact on how much he could do. Rose is a partner in the business and also manages the office and administration, along with looking after the children.
The company now pays 16 people, growing from 4 five years ago, and this puts quite a bit of money and value back into our community. They now specialise in Town Houses and work with a number of high-end clients and developers.
Keeping the high standards we started with, and seeing clients and customers come back to us for repeat business.
Lots of local contractors in almost every niche of construction. Architects and engineers, and all the trades and services.
We try to keep 2 apprentices in training all the time and have done so since we started.
We have posted a number to our website 🙂 We pride ourselves on getting positive reviews
Sense of accomplishment and achievement. Pride in seeing our work being enjoyed and lived in and providing shelter and security that will stand the test of time.
Tamahere Primary School with a sponsorship for building a new school pool. We put quite an amount of money back into the community with our salaries and wages paid.
Free labour and tools provided to the local schools when work is being done there.
Apart from helping our workforce to develop their skills, we also provide financial assistance and use our buying power and account relationships to allow our staff to set up their tools and equipment
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