Established: 1999

Location: N/A

Contact Name: Craig Garmonsway


Business mission and vision:
To continue to be the leading ram manufacturer and repairer in the Waikato.

“At Complete Engineering & Hydraulics we offer a wide range of services from repairing or replicating your existing parts to designing new ones, as well as hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and design, mag wheel repairs, hydraulic servicing and repairs, and general engineering. Our well-equipped workshop allows us to take on jobs of all sizes with precision machinery to ensure an accurate finished product. We offer a complete workshop service – you should come in and see us.”

You’ll deal direct with the boss or workshop foreman – and our small, approachable and friendly team means chances are everyone on deck knows about the work we’re completing for you. We have a 11-strong team of experienced hydraulic engineers and apprentices, and we are proud of the service we can provide to you.
I wanted to be my own boss. Starting CEH was the way I chose to succeed with that goal.
Getting started was the hardest part, specifically obtaining enough finance in those early days. It was tough, but with hard work look where I am today.
COVID-19 has probably been the most significant challenge for me. Having 11 staff comes with a sense of responsibility for their health and well-being (physical, emotional and financial). I had to see this difficult time through, even when it felt overwhelming to me, not only for myself but for my staff. There was no way I was going to let this disease beat us, but I can’t say it was easy.
The goal was to be my own boss. Basically if I didn’t persevere, and overcome adversity, I wouldn’t have been able to sit here today and say that I’ve been successful in achieving what I set out to do. You have to work hard, bloody hard, and sweat more than a few tears, but I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved.
Seven apprentices have started and completed their training with us – super proud of that. We currently have two apprentices, one 2nd year, and one just starting their training. There are 10 full time staff, one part time staff member and one contractor. Quite the achievement from the goal first set 21 years ago.
Honestly, it’s passing on the knowledge through apprenticeships, and secondly, that 21 years later I’m still here.
We have one contractor who works with us permanently. He brings over 60 years of experience to our team, and has been with us for many years.
Apprenticeships being the most obvious one. As discussed previously 7 apprentices have started and completed their time at CEH, with the majority of them remaining with us after they had qualified. Training however is important. And I’m all for a relevant training opportunity being taken up and experienced.
Visit our website About > Testimonials to read and view a few of the fantastic reviews we have received from our valued customers.
The ongoing training of our apprentices and seeing the difference it can make to their lives, and in fairness, to mine as well. Building strong, professional relationships with like-minded people in business, and the long-term friendships built over the years.
We are involved annually with the Special Children’s Christmas party and have been for close to 20 years.
CEH has a pretty good work / life culture – so in a round-about way we give back to the community by being supportive of our team in all they do, both at work and outside of work. If they feel passionate about something, then so do we. Family is important – both the work and the home family.
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