Established: 1989

Location: Wellington

Contact Name: Charmaine Jackson


Business mission and vision:
Mission – Our responsibility to our clients is to maintain a good reputation for quality services in our salon. We feel you’re hair can be you’re signature with every visit being a unique experience, combining our passion for hair and beauty with years of enthusiasm and expertise. Vision – A great team working together in a trusting creative environment. A commitment to growth with integrity.

“We are a destination for your hair and beauty needs. We are a Hair and Beauty Salon providing clients with an extensive menu from Bespoke and on Trend colours cuts, styles and conditioning treatments.”

Make overs, restyles, long hair services, blow dry’s, sets, hair straightening, special occasion styles including Balls and Wedding Packages. Beauty- Facials, Skin care range, waxing, electrolysis, nails, massage, pedicures, Lash extensions, lash and brow shape and colour, spray tans and Make up for special occasions and Weddings. We have a full range of hair, nail and beauty products, Straightening Irons and Blow Wavers to purchase. Everything we do comes with Consultation to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.
I’m still passionate and love my Hairdressing after 30 years. We are always training and keep up with the new technology that is ever changing.

We love all our clients and treat them accordingly. If our clients have a problem we fix it.

I have never put our name forward for any business awards until now.

Our apprentices have won awards.

We personally wanted to give back to the hairdressing industry. With our own business we can train apprentices. The satisfaction one gets from making a client feel wonderful, well you just cant beat it….
We had a lot of challenges. Not a lot of money so we had to build our own salon from the bays to the reception desk. didn’t know any of the hairdressing suppliers and had no clients as I worked in Wellington. We didn’t know anything about business and had to learn on the way I had been open for a short time and my dad died(he was a good sounding board) I shut the salon for a day and went back to work.

We had a very young family but we made it work. My husband Wayne and I are a great team.

Being new and starting to grow we had to start employing staff. That has been a huge learning curve and sometimes we still don’t get it right. We knew nothing about drugs (P) but found out very fast and had to ask the police for help who were amazing . I found it very upsetting as to what damage can be done to our young people. We believe in giving people a chance and at one time employed an older hairdresser, that was a big mistake. This hairdresser left and opened up around the corner as well as taking some of our staff. We battened the hatches and worked hard needless to say the salon around the corner did not survive. The staff did not stay with her as there’s a huge difference between being a work colleague and a boss.
Well perseverance is one of the most important factors you definitely need. Staff has been our main issue and when you train apprentices you need perseverance. Staff have left for all sorts of reasons, thinking the grass is greener on the other side, unfortunately it hasn’t been and we have been asked on many occasions if we could take them back, which we have on the odd occasion.
Success is no accident. Success involves discipline, perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifice. But, what I love doing is having the ability to see change. Beautiful things in business are the people, memories, feelings, smiles and laughter.
That we’re still here after 30 years of hard work. We have trained and watched many of our young apprentices and staff achieve. Keeping up with constant change and demands of business and people. We have always had great diversity in our business which has enabled us to build on our skill set and grow us as people. I think that the Hairdressers we have trained over the years have given me the most satisfaction and made me quite proud..
Mica Electrical, Josh Plummer, Edge revival. Wayne Jackson.
On job training and off job training courses covering First Aid, Communication skills, Problem solving, Group discussions, Team work, Customer service, Role plays, Technology, Product and Technique Training which is always on going.
Can’t speak more highly of the Service and Professionalism
I was given an opportunity when I was young and its great to be able to do the same for some of our young ones.
We have over the years supported and sponsor many organisations and people. Just to mention a few: Breast cancer, Te Omanga Hospice, International Triathlon Union, Gateway, Woman’s refuge. Emergecy Services Challenge, Rotary, Pink Ribbon, Cancer Society, Hutt Hospital and many schools.
We look after our clients who are unwell and go to their homes and Hospital as required. All our magazines are given to schools, Hospital. Any old equipment we give to the Church, daycare and schools.
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