Established: 1994

Location: N/A

Contact Name: Matt Williamson


Business mission and vision:
To provide a single point of contact for clients to work with for all their branding requirements.
To become the preferred branding supplier to businesses throughout the region and NZ due to stable team, strong business ethics and focus on client satisfaction.

“Branding experts – design, print, promotional items and signage/vehicle branding”

Out of hardship comes opportunity – when the business owner lost his job in 1992 a friend in Christchurch who had a printing business, helped us get set up and provided mentoring and coaching for several years to get us established.
All the typical challenges – cashflow, under-funding, starting a new small business in an established pond, growing pains relating to human, machine and cash resource.
The changing of the print market and what we could do to ensure the long term success of our business. We added signage and vehicle branding to our expertise with growing success.
With the changing media landscape over the last 10 – 15 years, we have had to constantly adapt and change to meet the prevailing market conditions. It requires a mental toughness and ability to think outside the square and beyond tomorrow to ensure your business remains relevant for your clients, provide a return for the owners and stability for the team members that have chosen to work with you.
Became an established and strong player in the graphic arts and signage arena in Otago.
The ability to diversify and change direction quickly to meet market forces.
Contractors that have skills in areas we don’t have. We like to form alliances with other experts so our offering is complete for our clients.
Internal cross training across machinery and systems so no point is uncovered due to annual leave or sick leave.
A little bit of time freedom and the chance to see a vision come to fruition.
We spend time and provide co-ordinated funding to our community school and shop.
Where we can, we like to donate to worthy causes such as CanTeen, rescue helicopter etc
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