“The business bookkeeping specialists.”

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Ltd

Established: 1980’s

Location: Auckland

Regions covered: Auckland and all of New Zealand

Website: https://www.thebookkeeper.co.nz/

Business mission: Helping clients get more time for working on their business by managing their accounting and payroll functions effectively and smartly.

Before even the formation of IBM, David was an electrical technician and Helena was doing accounts work. Fascinated with the early computers of the 1980s, David built one and bought a new accounting programme, which led to the early days of Bookkeeping and Payroll Services.

At the time David and Helena were just discovering what a computer could do, along with the rest of the world. Although the original purpose of the business was to bring computers and accounting software to the accounting world, they soon found that they were helping clients with their financial management on a regular basis. Their work proved so successful that they are still serving all of New Zealand 30 years on from their headquarters in Auckland.

Experience! There’s nothing that can surprise them, no job too hard or unknown. This means no time is wasted and the service is highly customisable to suit every client’s needs. Their experience, and continuous training, ensures very happy customers.
Those early days involved a lot of door knocking and perseverance: Businesses had only ever had paper accounts, and early adaptors to the digital world were hard to find in an isolated New Zealand.

Through resilience and positive thinking, David and Helena remained confident and sure in their idea and soon found businesses open to the new technology. They needed to convince their potential clients to try something completely new – and their personal motivation and an undying belief in the concept won them through. Perseverance and a positive attitude has kept them and their customers in business ever since.

David and Helena are rightly proud of their reputation as business bookkeeping experts: By offering a full and extensive range of bookkeeping and payroll services that draws on their huge expertise, customers remain loyal and happy.

The satisfaction of their customers is what counts the most for David and Helena:

“…David’s offer is very competitive. Best of all he took the time to come and visit me in my shop…and it is so easy…easy-to-understand monthly reports show me where my business is going. So now I am free to do what I love most:!” – Eric Cheah, owner of raw foods and juice bar Urban Fuel

“The relationship and support has been amazing” – Brenda Shapiro-Glenn, AAA Vac North Ltd

“I would highly recommend him to anyone” – Brent Smith, Managing Director, Speedy Signs Newton

David and Helena make a point of employing staff from university and providing them with a wide range of experiences in different business sectors whilst they learn the finer arts of business bookkeeping and payroll: They currently employ Carol Gu, who graduated from the University of Auckland with a Major in Accounting and Finance.

David happily gives his time and office resources as the treasurer for three community organisations: Immune Deficiencies Foundation of New Zealand, Auckland Anniversary Regatta Committee, and H28 Yacht Owners Association.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services also donates its time by helping local fundraising activities, and mentoring businesses and individuals.