“Overcome chronic health problems with our innovative techniques to restore your body’s natural balance and well being.”


Established: 1995

Location: Albany

Regions covered: Auckland

Website: www.physioandacupuncturealbany.co.nz

Business mission: To put our clients on the road to regaining optimal health and being pain free.

We provide a fun friendly atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable. I can draw on my 23 years’ experience in physiotherapy to find successful treatment and rehabilitation programmes for all types of injuries and pain conditions.
It’s my passion to heal people and provide relief to those that are in constant pain, feel worn out and fed up with stubborn health problems.
Had a young girl who had a frozen leg and after multiple surgeries was told there was no cure. Even her mum who was an osteopath couldn’t believe her eyes when after the persistent efforts from Sheldon managed to have her walking again.
For over 2 decades we have been providing an intensive consultation and treatment plan for aimed at achieving a long term solution to client with health problems and chronic pain. Treatment also includes making sure clients have the skills to maintain good health.

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