Established: 2016

Location: Dunedin

Contact Name: Penny Richards


Business mission and vision

It all started with the desire to harness the natural goodness of Manuka honey in a premium natural skincare range, one that provides real benefits to women (and men) wanting healthier and naturally younger looking skin.

Our interest in Manuka honey stems from a commitment to bees and other native pollinators. We believe New Zealand’s environment depends on valuing and defending the critical role bees have as pollinators.


“We celebrate the might of the UMF20+ manuka honey and beautiful, spectacular natural botanicals to deliver the best of New Zealand skincare”

We differ from other honey-based skincare because the high concentration of active ingredients in our luscious cremes are like a treatment for your face.


We add just the right levels of bee venom to increase blood flow to the treated skin, stimulating natural collagen and elastin production, giving your skin a fresh healthy glow. We use a high concentrations of Manuka honey at 20+ UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) which is only found in New Zealand. The 20+ factor denotes its purity and power. We have pioneered unique combinations of New Zealand botanicals including pohutakawa extract, blackcurrant seed oil and totara extract to provide optimal nourishing benefits for all skin types, enhancing the anti-ageing process.

We have won the 2019 UK Attracta Awards best Face Masque, and our Masque and Day creme are both shortlisted for the London Beauty awards
True of many kiwi businesses, bee yu started off fueled with happy childhood memories and keenness to get back to nature. bee yu celebrates the awesome regenerative powers of UMF20+ Manuka Honey and precious New Zealand botanicals like totarol, harakeke and pohutakawa extracts.


Co-founder Sally Richards explains how it all started for her,


I’ve always had a keen interest in bees, my father had hives and I would always help with honey harvesting, requeening hives and even catching swarms and through life, I’ve often had problems with allergic reactions to skincare ranges.

I’d seen a video where these ladies were walking down the street asking random people if they could name 2 or 3 ingredients in their skincare products but of course nobody could, …. neither could I. So when I was presented with the idea of a natural skincare range based on manuka honey I was captivated. Soon we had gathered a team of friends and family to launch the bee yu dream.

our biggest difficulties have been (like many Skincare companies in NZ),
– resolving international distributer challenges
– international registration/qualifications
– the tension of the costs of meeting international markets requirements with meeting
– working on big projects remotely
– the costs of IP
The glowing and enthusiastic response we get from customers. Skincare is personal, we take it personally.
We are still startup so four of us work on our company.
We work with many contractors, from packaging designers, graphic designers, packagers, social media deliverers, through to our most important contractor, our product producer.
So many on our website, facebook and instagram…

I have been using this for around 2 years now…it is my mum-life luxury! It really is the best skin care I have ever used, I really notice the difference when I run out! And a little goes a long way ❤️ thank you for such a beautiful product!

and another …

I tried the face masque after receiving it as a gift. Even after first use I noticed an improvement in my skin: I felt an improvement in texture as well as a reduction in redness. I have rosacea which often gives me red skin and sometimes it looks like it is breaking out. This product is definitely helping with those issues so I will continue to use the product – without a doubt. Highly recommended!

and another …

I really love this beautiful, light day cream. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy, making it perfect for applying under makeup.

and another …

if I could I would bathe in it!

and another …

I find this product to be very easy to apply, and it leaves your skin so soft. I am an older person, I use it every day and I most certainly never want to be without it. I fully recommend it to all the lovely ladies out there. If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you are missing!!

Thank you BeeYu 👏🤗
Our business mission is to encourage good decisions in customers – beautiful natural support for your skin, making great personal choices for skin and the environment.
In the past year we have contributed to

– many indivdual community fundraising efforts e.g. pre-schools and school fundrasiers.

– supporting urban/city hives

– we supported the Queenstown community with a Honey-For-Schools initiative in 2018

– in 2017 and 2018, installed hives in commercial and urban settings all around Queenstown District Council.
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