“Dedicated to helping you make your business better”

Aspire Solutions

Established: 2005

Location: Kapiti Coast

Website: https://www.aspiresolutions.co.nz/

Business vision and mission:

To empower business people with the confidence to make better business decisions every day. To achieve this end, the company is driven by an ongoing quest for innovation, business process improvement and superior standards of excellence.

The previous incarnation of the business – Aspire Business and Training Solutions Ltd – was established in 2005. The business was rebranded Aspire Solutions in 2014 due to a refocussing of the business services and products.
“Most of our competitors are solo operators,” says Ainslie, PA and administrator for Aspire Solutions. “The simple fact that we have two or three consultants employed at any point in time means that we are considerably more responsive, as well as pooling our knowledge so that every client gains the benefit of our combined experience.”
The previous incarnation of the business – Aspire Business and Training Solutions Ltd – was established in 2005.

Maria started having children a year after establishing the business. “Maintaining a balance between motherhood and growing the business has always been my biggest challenge by far, especially when my youngest child was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in 2010.” She had to find $50,000 to fund the second cochlear implant for her son.

Using her business networks, she created a hugely successful fundraiser ‘The Gift of Sound’, which also helped other families going through the same problem. Years later, the second event netted $16,500 and led to the successful petition of parliament in 2014 to achieve funding for bilateral cochlear implants for all deaf children.

Maria’s ability to grow her business was limited by her own means and at the age of 25, she had not yet amassed great personal wealth. Her age was a challenge in itself with convincing people of her expertise, and older men in the Chartered Accounting were not shy in suggesting that she was a ‘silly little girl’ who should ‘stick to her knitting’.

There was also the issue of inspiring and motivating staff: “Just because you are good at what you do, does not mean you have the skills and maturity to inspire others.”

2010 nearly saw the demise of the business due to a series of personal and professional events. Maria has fought every step of the way to keep everything she has, and 2016 has provided her with the highest level of personal income to date.

In 2016, Aspire Solutions applied to the Electra Business Awards in the Business Excellence category for owner operator’s and on the 23rd of September, they won. The quality of the products and the excellence of the team is also backed up by customer testimonials:

“We would gladly recommend any future client in need of competent MYOB computer training, assistance or advice to contact Maria Mullane as they will be (like ourselves!) pleasantly surprised at the prompt and professional service they will receive. Maria’s clear explanations and one-on-one approach have taken the pressure off solving various challenges. Our accounting woes have disappeared since Maria has been assisting us.” – Whakatiki Engineering

“Aspire Solutions was contracted by Sauce Ltd to set up our MYOB Premier accounting package. After discovering we needed to have a ‘script’ written to import our US-based Facilities Management programme (fronting the AR) – Aspire Solutions used their network of contacts within NZ to achieve this next challenge. Our company restructured thus giving us 5 businesses to manage, and it was merely a phone call to Aspire Solutions who promptly arrived to assist in completing the set up task. The effectual streamlining of the accounting procedures has enhanced all aspects of our accounts management – this, along with the Aspire Solutions team’s professional manner, attention to detail and supreme support service makes accounting a pleasant task! Sauce has enjoyed the benefits of the relationship with Aspire Solutions and would gladly recommend them to anyone needing help setting up their business accounting structure. “Aspire Solutions made it easy, interesting, fun and with great results!” – David Tingey Sauce Post Ltd

Aspire Solutions keeps New Zealand businesses running and improves their efficiency so that they can focus on the aspects of the business that really matter.

Maria uses a network of reliable contractors, mainly bookkeepers, to assist the business if required. Whenever possible, client information is handled-in house and is only passed on to contractors with the client’s knowledge and consent.

As well as previous charity work for ‘The Gift of Sound’ and sponsorship of the NZ Art Show in 2014 for its hosting, the team at Aspire Solutions participated in Kapiti Run for Youth in 2015 and intend to do so again at the next event in 2017. The also sponsored the Kapiti Hockey Club this year.

Regular donations are also made to activist groups such as Avaaz, the World in Action, Sumof Us, GiveaLittle and a number of other charities dating back to 2010, including Shave for a Cure, in which Maria raised $9,000 when she shaved her own head.