“We supply and support thermal printing solutions including software and hardware. We also supply consumable and labels for these products.”

Accurate Labelling Ltd

Established: 2003

Location: Wellington

Website: www.accuratelabels.co.nz

Business mission: “Provide our customers with a level of service above what they would expect.”

We are a very hands on business and like to speak with our customers and get them to ask us about what they need and find a solution to match. We use all the latest remote support technologies and system to provide fast support.
It was a lifestyle choice, to work from home and get more time with family. My previous role was 24 hours 7 day on call. Of course that very soon grew.
Recognition was a key factor. Fortunately, as I had been working in a similar industry there was a lot of contacts and knowledge I had and this helped me establish a reputation for reliability, good product and good old fashion service.
Labelling is a very competitive market and dominated by companies who target the largest and most obviously customer. such as Fonterra, Foodstuffs, Nestle and so on. But amongst all these is a large selection of small to medium businesses needing the same product. By targeting Accurate as a small to medium business provider, the big boys ignore you as they need $M,s of orders per month to cover overheads where a small low overhead business like ours does not. By establishing a small number (less than 5) key supplier relationships I know have loyal support from them and they get that from me and we all win. That does not mean we have not been able to and still do secure business from some of NZ’s largest companies, including. Wishbone, Whittakers, Rjs, Licorice Tatua dairy company and Foodstuffs North Island, but offering what the larger companies struggle to do –  “Hands on Service”.
What I have always done since starting Accurate is, make sure everyone feels special. Every client gets treated the same no matter how large or small. This has always seemed to me as being just the way to do business and while it is not described as perseverance or adversity, it certainly helped those customers during the GFC which was a very hard time for someone in our position who lost 35% of turnover. AND we are still here and growing.
Don’t want to sound flippant but I have managed to keep this business going for 15 years. Through ups and downs. That is my greatest business success.
My loyal customers! My oldest customer is still with me so thats over 15 year and any have been with me 10 years plus.
Outside suppliers of printing and design
With such a small company training is all done by me and specific to each employee.
Please go to my website its says it all https://www.accuratelabels.co.nz/best-nz-label
Flexibility of time, fantastic feeling of achievement and I actually enjoy myself.
We sponsor yearly 2 x kids charities through the Lions Club and one other that puts on a kids circus every year
I am not much for blowing my own trumpet and have never entered and business award before as I just do what I do and do not need the recognition. BUT I know I am doing something right when I started this business in 2003, turnover was $0. We now turnover over $700K per year and growing and most of that was done on my own. Still only have 2 staff.
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